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Aftermath was one of the best nova TCs to become vaporware. Led by an all-star crew of graphic artists, writers and programmers. Virtually every well known artist on the webboards was recruited at some point or another, Weepul, Zombat, Skyblade, Sparky, Hudson, Ragashingo, and even Onyx. The writers were Rootbeer, Rawzer, Sorgath, Wyvern and Bavarian Cream Puff, and Zombat, while Andcarne programmed.

It was to be the story of what happened after Nova. It featured almost double the amount of Vell-os ships, with new weapons, as well as completely re-done Fed, Auroran, Polaris and Civilian ships. There were several new races introduced as well as a couple unique ships. 4 years in the making, it was a little bit too ambitious for the young developers to handle, and being spread out across the globe didn't quite help much. In addition, most of the development team began before college, and as soon as many of them went to college, they found themselves overwhelmed from schoolwork and social lives.

Most of the graphics made are available through contact of the team members.


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