Aldebaran is a system located within Federation space, between Nesre Primus ad Homeland. This is a very conflicting system as there are three planets all governed by different governments. Firstly there is Haven, a Federation planet, although its defence fleet is not as valid as Fed destroyers/Carriers, it has IDA Frigates and Valkyrie etc. Then you have Merrol, governed by the Rebels. And lastly planet Simpson, a pirate planet, where you can buy illegal weapons including an Ionic Particle Cannon. This System is very active, and your sure to find constant Pirate and Federation activity. It also plays a large role in the Rebels, Vell-os and Federation Mission Threads. But only through the planet Merrol.


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Simpson is a popular planet, because its one of the closest places from the Sol System where you can pick up the Ionic Particle cannon, along with a few other nifty buys, like Port & Polish.

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