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Anti-Matter Reactor

The Anti-matter Reactor is a Polaris outfit designed to provide hyperjump energy for starships, and uses technology that the engineers of other governments can only dream of. Science knew all the way back in the 20th century AD (-700 NC) that if one collides a particle of antimatter with a particle of matter, they mutually annihilate each other, producing a vast amount of energy. Putting this knowledge into practice, however, was not easy; it took many years of study and work by the Ver'ash and P'aedt to make matter/antimatter reactions a viable source of energy. As with most Polaris outfits, this reactor is demonstrably superior to its non-Polaris equivalents, utterly reliable, and very difficult to obtain.

Anti-matter Reactors cost 5,000,000 credits. They consume 15 tons of weapon space and grant an additional unit of fuel every 4 frames. A ship may be outfitted with but a single Anti-matter Reactor. An Anti-matter Reactor also increases the speed and acceleration of the ship by 25 and 35 units, respectively.


If you have any gameplay tips, hints, or background information relevant to this topic, please post them here.

You must be on excellent terms with the Polaris authorities and ready to part with millions of credits if you wish to obtain one of these units.

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