Asteroid Miner
Sigma Shipyards Asteroid Miner
General characteristics
Acceleration 200
Turning ability 35
Maximum speed 300
Cost 90,000 cr
Requirements none
Technical specifications
Length 30 meters
Shield capacity 100/15
Armor effectiveness 40
Energy capacity 600 units or 6 jumps
Crew 6
Total mass 90 tons
Free space 20 tons
Cargo space 100 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 6
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament 4 Asteroid Mining Lasers
Included outfits Asteroid Scoop

Asteroid mining has been the staple method of gathering materials since the construction of the Kane Band. Dr. Harbhajan Singh of the University of Mumbai first came up with a basic robotic craft designed to latch onto an asteroid and maneuver it close to a planet for processing. Today's Asteroid Miners are manned by a crew of six and are the backbone of the resource-gathering efforts of the Federation and the Auroran Empire.

Notes Edit

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The Asteroid Miner is hardly a combat-capable craft. First off, the robot arms must extend before it can even fire, giving your opponent about two seconds' worth of free shots. Secondly, it is not very maneuverable or very fast; a Federation Carrier can fly rings around it with ease. Thirdly, the mining lasers are good for use against asteroids, but supremely weak against shields and armor.

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