Asteroid Miner

New to EVN, a player can make money by mining asteroids. Depending on the type, when an asteroid is destroyed it will explode into collectable resources. These resources can only be collected by an Asteroid Scoop which comes as a default outfit for the Asteroid Miner. The player uses a weapon to destroy the asteroid and pilots over it and the resource will be placed into the cargo hold.


The standard weapon used is, logically, the Asteroid Mining Laser, which is also standard on an Asteroid Miner. Almost any weapon will work, though some have obvious drawbacks. Another common weapon is the Thunderhead Lance which is readily available from several Federation worlds.


If you have any gameplay tips, hints, or background information relevant to this topic, please post them here.

For an in depth article on where to mine asteroids to maximize profit, see Belthazar's Guide to Asteroid Mining

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