Aurora Carrier
Aurora Carrier
General characteristics
Acceleration 130
Turning ability 20
Maximum speed 100
Cost 12,000,000 credits
Requirements Late Auroran string
Technical specifications
Length 1200 meters
Shield capacity 400/10
Armor effectiveness 1800/0
Energy capacity 4 jumps or 400 units
Crew 250
Total mass 1750 tons
Free space 200 tons
Cargo space 50 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 4
Turret hard-points Maximum of 6
Standard armament 2 100mm Turreted Railguns, 2 Storm Chainguns & 100 ammo, 1 Firebird Bay & 6 Firebirds, 1 Phoenix Bay & 3 Phoenixes, 2 Fusion Pulse Turrets
Included outfits Auroran IR Jammer, Military Radar Jammer

There is an Auroran legend about the creation of the first Carrier. The Auroran lord who first conceived of such a mighty vessel gave these precepts to the shipwright for its creation: "Make me a hand with which I might strike mine enemies!" The keel for the vessel is so large that it has to be laid in a planet-based shipyard. The ship itself is 1.2 km long, mounts deck-guns, and has bays for Firebirds and Phoenixes.


  • Ytrack Class: The version shown to the right.
  • Va Ytreck Class: Better armor as well as manueverability, and armed with two extra turret slots. Armed with 2 100mm Turreted Railguns, 4 Storm Chainguns, 2 Fusion Pulse Turrets, 2 150mm Railguns, and 3 Phoenix Bays and 1 Firebird Bay, with 3 Phoenixes and 6 Firebirds respectively, and 1 Thunderhead Bay with 2 Thunderheads.
  • Se Ytruck Gjinchar Class: Less armor than the Ytack, but with a much higher firepower, although at the cost of reduced fighter capacity. Armed with 2 100mm Turreted Railguns, 4 Storm Chainguns, 2 150mm Fixed Railguns, 2 200mm Fixed Railguns, 1 Phoenix Bay and 1 Firebird Bay with 1 Phoenix and 5 Firebirds respectively.

There are also different variants depending on which House the carrier belongs to. From worst to best, the Houses are: Moash, Dani, Vella, Tekel, and finally Heraan.

Notes Edit

If you have any gameplay tips, hints, or background information relevant to this topic, please post them here.

While big and slow, the Aurora carrier is one of the most effective carrier-class ships in the game. It has a huge amount of expansion room, and all auroran fighter bays launch when multiple bays of the same fighter are installed. This is very helpful if you have to skirmish a squadron of fighters to an immediate threat, and the Firebirds and Phoenixes you get with the ship are cheap and expendable, as is reflected in the rest of the auroran battle-tactics.

It is not without its drawbacks, however. The bay it fields have a fairly large weakness, which is the speed it can launch out its fighters (it is fully possible though, to have them undocked all the time, which will circumvent this problem). Another disadvantage lies in its speed and manueverability, making it less effective as the player's ship, since the time to jump to another system is also increased, due to Auroran technology. Even with all the sigma upgrades the speed of this ship is barely over 200 (if that). It is also a quite big target, making it difficult to dodge.

It can stand up to a Federation Carrier, depending on which version it is, but against smaller ships it relies on its fighters. Do not try to fight the Polaris with this Carrier. The best defense against them is speed and long range firepower. It might have the latter, but it fails horribly at the first. Armor and shields matter little when a CPL comes crashing down upon you.

As an escort, the Auroran Carrier is very formidable, but it is, just as the Aurora Cruiser, rather difficult to capture due to the large crew. One of the advantages of having them as an escort is that you do not need to pay for the fighters they have lost in a battle. Because of their railguns, they will also prefer to stay outside of combat, as a weapon platform to support its fighters. The Heraan Va Ytreck Aurora Carrier brings six 100mm Turreted Railguns to battle alongside six Firebirds and four Phoenixes, making it the best long-range escort after Polaris capital ships have ran out of Polaron torpedoes (the Heavy Weapons Pirate Carrier makes a better medium-range escort with its Heavy Blaster Turrets and EMP's).

As with all Carrier escorts, the Aurora Carrier need it orders regularly changed from "Attack" to anything else. Phoenixes that have ran out of missiles will simply return to formation with their carreir while "Attack" is in effect.

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