Central Auroran Space

A map showing central Auroran space.

The Auroran Empire is the largest single government in the galaxy, spanning most of the southern half, linking them to both much of Polaris space, and of course, the Federation. The Aurorans have a long history of a warrior tradition – warriors are esteemed over every other class in society.

There are five Houses, also called families, among the Empire – the Heraan, Tekel, Vella, Moash, and Dani. Each House is elected to be the head of the Empire for a certain period of time – they can be deposed by war, or by the voting of another House into power. Some Warriors of all five Houses are assigned to the command of the First Family, the name of the family in power. At the beginning of the game the house that is the First Family is Moash, although due to the climate of the game it is possible that this could change.

There is also a special sixth "house", the Dechtakar warriors. They are among the greatest warriors, assigned to the Auroran Empire as a whole, and therefore not to one House in particular.

Within each House, there are two leading warriors figures, namely the Mundokiir (who leads the warriors into battle) and the Thurokiir (a spiritual leader who keeps the warriors on the path). The Council of Thurokiirs is probably the greatest and most powerful body in the Auroran Empire, because it decides who is to lead the Empire and what is to become of it.

There are also Houseless warriors, who have been cast out from their Houses. They dwell in mostly the galactic south-eastern reaches of the Auroran Empire, piratically attacking any ship that comes into their territory. They are allowed to exist because neither the Tekel nor the Dani houses (the closest in location) are willing to spend the resources to destroy them.

Auroran Ship Types Edit

The Auroran Empire builds several different classes of ships, each of which fills a different role.

Notes Edit

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Plundering aside, Auroran space is one of the best places for players to gain combat, trade, and general experience. Immersing yourself in the harsh warrior culture of the Aurorans and their Houses gives players the best opportunity to gain combat experience, since the conditions of combat are much harder to survive in. To take advantage of this, buy or capture an Auroran ship, preferably a gunboat or fighter, and fight Houseless or Moash ships. You will be put on a very level playing field relative to your adversaries, and will have to rely extensively on your wits and combat skills to survive, since you are putting yourself in a postition of forced vulnerability. The Auroran mission strings are the most brutal and unsettling storyline in Nova next to the Federation strings, and is recommended for the teen to adult audience, rather than younger players.