Boarding is entering a Disabled ship to see what is inside.
This includes Derelicts.

Plundering system's friendly ships is an unlawful action. If caught, system's authorities may become hostile.


  1. Move onto the disabled ship.
  2. Slow to a stop or near stop.
  3. Turn to the same line (same heading or tumble).
  4. Press the Board key. This stops your ship completely.

Note that if a fight is going on, stray shots may easily finish the ship.


Once boarded, one of several things may happen :

Can't board Says "You can't board this ship."
Happens if the ship :
• Has already been boarded by the player or a pirate, as it can be done only once.
• Is part of a mission you are not following.
• Is an escort released then disabled.
• Has no crew : Cargo Drone, Wraith, Hyperioid, Krypt Pod and all Vell-os ships.
(derelict only)
Derelict is empty and a hostile pirate fleet will soon hyperjump in.
The delay is long enough to run away with a decently fast ship.
(derelict only)
The derelict crew asks to be carried somewhere.
• If accepted, it becomes a passenger ferry mission paying 75 000 credits.
Bug : If you already have such a mission, new rescues become instead plunders.
• If refused, nothing happens and the it may be boarded again for same outcome.
(escort only)
The disabled escort is slightly repaired to be reactivated.
This happens mainly with trader Valkyries :
Ship emits a bottom text call for assistance.
If you open communications, it offer 2 000 credits for recharge.
If accepted, it becomes waiting (a bit similar to disabled).
Boarding them pays and reactivates them.
Plunder See below.


This always happen with disabled, sometimes with derelicts.

You are shown what is aboard and may attempt to :

  • Plunder Energy to refill your own.
  • Plunder Cargo to load as much as possible in your ship and escorts.
  • Plunder Ammo to transfer expendable outfits.
    It maxes at each outfit limit. Does it maxes at space mass limit ?
  • Plunder Credits to transfer money.
  • Capture ship, see Capture.
  • Abort to safely end boarding.

Each attempt has a risk of triggering the ship's self-destruct.
If not, it is successful and allows another attempt at what is left, with increased risk.

Therefore you should pick most desirable plunder first.

If the goal is money, keep in mind that bay fighters are ammo and that captured ships can be sold.
Both are worth so much that usually only the heaviest ships carry more credit's worth.


Pirates tend to disable ships, and board disabled ships even if not "theirs".
Maybe they board only certain types of derelicts ?

If a pirate disables you it will board you and steal a fair chunk of your money.
You can communicate with it before boarding to Beg for mercy. It will go away for a seemingly fixed bribe of 20 000 credits, which is often less than if boarded.

Other NPCs just destroy enemy ships, even if disabled and not having attacked.

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