Boral I
Boral I
General Characteristics
System Arcturus
Government Federation
Defense Fleet Starbridges, Valkyries, Argosies, and Vipers
Tribute 3,500
Weapon N/A
Port Services Outfitter, Trade Center, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

Boral I is an independent space station owned by the Boral mining company that orbits the planet Fermia in the Arcturus System. It provides material support and storage for the miners on the planet below. The company's small size has actually contributed to its survivability, causing it to go unnoticed by the larger corporations in the galaxy.

Port servicesEdit

Boral I is surprisingly hospitable for a dock its size. There's a Mission BBS, a Trade Center, a bar (a spacers' favorite due to its good service, good drinks, and rowdy nature), and an Outfitter, though the selection of equipment on sale is very limited.

Trade CenterEdit

Boral I has a handful of goods available for trade. Metal that has been mined off the service of Fermia is sold on Boral I at an inexpensive price. Medical supplies and equipment are offered at fair rates, and food is the only good in any demand.

Trade goods at Boral I
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Metal (160 cr) Medical Supplies (750 cr)
Equipment (550 cr)
Food (93 cr)
Trade links from Boral I
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
45.7 Europa (Sol) 2 Equipment 137
Trade links to Boral I
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
50.0 Earth (Sol) 2 Medical Supplies 150


Boral I offers only the barest minimum in outfits, but, surprisingly, there is a small black market here where one can pick up a real Federation Military Radar Jammer for a cheap price (illegally, of course).


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If the player decides to take up Temmin Shard's shady proposition, he'll ask him or her to meet on Boral I before setting out on the job. The player is given a last chance to back out.

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