The Bounty Hunters Guild is an organization that works in the Federation to hunt down criminals, traitors, pirates, and whomever else they are contracted to capture or kill. The Guild is not a corporation; rather, it serves as an interstellar hiring agency for its members. The Earth-based Guild office handles member certification, posting of opportunities, and payment of commission to its members on a per-job basis (keeping 10% for its own finances). The Guild is run by two people: the Day Master and the Night Master. The Day Master handles the day-to-day administration of the Guild, while the Night Master handles unusual situations (such as discipline) as they arise.

Bounty Missions Edit

Bounty missions are always to hunt down either an Auroran Abomination, or a Pirate Valkyrie. These ships are named, making it clear which ships are or are not bounties.

These missions are available in Federation systems, but only if your Legal Status is "No Record" or higher in the Good column. You may accept multiple bounty missions, but if you do, you run the risk of having to fight multiple bounties at once.

All bounties are found one system away from the system in which the bounty was accepted. This means that if you accept a bounty mission in a dead-end system, you are guaranteed to find your target bounty or bounties in the very next system. Bounty ships never start within a system, but rather enter the system from the same direction you did, always directly behind you.

While these missions are available only in Federation systems, the bounty could actually be in an unclaimed system, or in another government's system.

In every case, you must return to Earth to collect your bounty or bounties.

Links to Other Storylines Edit

The Bounty Hunter mission string has branches that lead into three of the main mission strings, namely the Federation, Auroran, and Rebel strings.

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