Bribes are illicit payments offered to land or dock on forbidden spaceports.

Requesting assistance from a hostile ship may also be a kind of bribe, but works differently.


  1. Target the spaceport.
    Click it, or press Land/Dock key nearby.
  2. Target no ship.
    If you do, press Target Select until interface says No Target.
  3. Open communication.
    Press Communicate Key.
  4. Click Offer Bribe.
    The spaceport may either :
    1. Refuse and become hostile.
    2. Offer a price.
  5. Player may then choose :
    1. Accept to pay, which allows to land once. (lost if traveling elsewhere)
    2. Lower Price to ask for a new offer.
      This works roughly half of the times, and when it fails it works like a refusal.


Federation and other ordered governments typically always refuse.
Marginal systems dedicated to a faction may be exceptions :

Pirates and other chaotic governments typically accept.

Your standing with a given government influences the price required for a particular bribe.

Also, repeatedly paying bribes seems to eventually raise them a lot.

Having a mission to a forbidden starport grants exceptional access.

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