Polaris Cambrian
Polaris Cambrian
General characteristics
Acceleration 200
Turning ability 20
Maximum speed 250
Cost 2,500,000 credits
Requirements none
Technical specifications
Length 475 meters
Shield capacity 675/45
Armor effectiveness 75/5
Energy capacity 12 jumps or 1200 units
Crew 15
Total mass 6000 tons
Free space none
Cargo space 3500 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 1
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament No armament
Included outfits none

This immense vessel is the Polaris counterpart to the Leviathan. Plying its way through hyperspace via massive Etheric Wave hyper-engines (mounted as part of its bio-organic skin in its nose and tail), the Cambrian transfers huge amounts of raw materials for the construction of new worlds and the upkeep of old ones. These ships are usually assigned to a particular caste for a period of twenty years or so before rotation, but these timetables are quite flexible, and reflect the Polaran distaste for inefficient bureaucracy.

Notes Edit

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Cambrians are faster and more maneuverable than Leviathans (though that doesn't really mean much), and they are much cheaper. This makes them one of the best, if not THE best, freighter in the game. Even the humblest of commodities can make hundreds of thousands of credits on a full load. Buying a full load of food and selling it high can make 115,500 credits. A Cambrian with six Cambrian escorts, using the 3-jump Opal trade route in Polaris territory (one shorter than the routes in Federation and Aurora territories) and the multi-jump organ, can make hundreds of millions of credits within a very short time.

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