Capacitor pulse
Capacitor Pulse Laser
General specifications
Weapon type


Total mass

40 tons

Maximum allowed


Tech level



Late Polaris string



Weapon damage and characteristics
Maximum speed




Energy damage


Mass damage




Reload time


Impact magnitude


Blast radius


Proximity delay


Perhaps the only weapon to require a ship to be built around it, the Capacitor Pulse Laser stores the energy created in Polaris fusion reactors to be discharged in a single beam lasting only a few short seconds. For that short time, armor and shields may as well be wisps of smoke for all the good they will do against the fury of the most violent energy discharge mankind has yet created. Arachnids, Scarabs, and Ravens are all built around CPL systems.


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Undoubtely the most powerful weapon in the entire game. It can destroy any carrier within a few seconds, and if that was not enough, it has a ionising effect as well. Only three ships use this weapon: the Scarab, Arachnid, and the Raven. The Capacitor Pulse Laser's ammunition is energy. While it is firing, hyperspace energy will be drained, and if the energy is depleted, the beam will peter out. Up to four CPLs can be installed at once, and each addition multiplies energy consumption, but it's worth it to see the mightiest ships in the game explode within seconds. Using this weapon is the closest thing you can get to cheating without modfifying anything yourself.

This weapon has one significant drawback: the beam originates in front of your vessel. This means that small, nimble attackers can maneuver inside the point of origin, leaving you unable to target them.

You must be registered and have completed most of the Polaris string, up to when you get access to capital ships, or captured a Polaris ship with this technology (Scarabs or Arachnids), to ever enjoy this weapon's amazing destructive capability.

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