Some boarded ships may be captured.

Success chance is determined by two factors. First, the percentage of your ship's shields vs. target's remaining armor (the greater the ratio in your favor, the better your odds of capturing), and second, the size of your crew vs target's crew. The second of these is the larger criterion in the calculation.

The Marine Platoon outfit can raise your crew.

If successful, you can choose to either :

  • Make it a free escort (if you do not already have 6 escorts).
  • Use it as your own, your current ship becoming a free escort refitted with stock outfits.
    Not possible if you have no crew. (Usually happens with Vell-os ships)

Once a ship becomes an escort (by whichever method), it may no longer be swapped with the player's ship, but it may be sold.


This option is available only to registered players.

A simple but effective strategy when capturing lesser ships is to take the ship as your own, making your ship an escort.
Then go to a shipyard and buy & outfit a new ship.
You now have a good ship and a better escort.

This is an effective way to take advantage of a disabled fighter, if you have the money.

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