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Commodities refer to any widely-traded bulk cargoes, such as food or equipment. Traders profit by the time-honored practice of buying commodities in bulk at low prices, then transporting them to a planet where the commodity commands a higher price. Commodity prices may fluctuate over time based on factors of supply and demand; in addition, well-regarded players may receive a premium price, while players with legal issues may be hit with a surcharge in a given system.

Generic goods Edit

Generic commodities are widely available throughout the galaxy. They cover six general areas of goods, and most trade centers have three to four of the six available.

Generic commodities
Commodity Low price (80%) Median price High price (125%)
Food 60 75 93
Industrial 280 350 437
Medical Supplies 600 750 937
Luxury Goods 720 900 1125
Metal 160 200 250
Equipment 440 550 687


Food is the lowest priced of all generic commodities, and thus usually relegated to major bulk haulers, rarely holding enough profits to make the trip worthwhile for independent captains. Despite their low price, food is an important supply for many planets. Many centers in the galaxy would collapse if not for the steady supply of food brought by starships. While the profits may be limited, a captain can still make a few credits on a good run and feel good about the fact that families are able to eat because of their efforts.

Food Trade Centers
Region Price Trade Centers
Federation Low (60) Antaria (Centauri); Kerensky (Sibko); Las Vegas (Vega); Notas (Nadir); Ryll (Porto Rillia)
Medium (75) Cornwall (South Manchester); Dunroamin (Journey's End); Earth (Sol); Georgia (Nesre Primus); Hearth (Homeworld); Helen (Eeniar); Herald (Avalon); Kolan (Sanddown); Moonview (Moonrise); New England (Wolf 359); New Ireland (Tuatha); Tidal (Kon); Viking (Tichel); Xyon (Enlightenment)
High (93) Boral I (Arcturus); Diva (Lalande 21185); Gem (Fomalhaut); Kinike (Sanddown); Lodestone (Fire); Menin (Lesten); Serenity (Lotus); Sirius II (Sirius); Snowmelt (Fomalhaut)
Polaris Low (60) Tre'ar Helonis (Tre'illica); Tre'ar Vilarn (Tri'cikilla); Tre'a Ro (Tre'pirana)
Medium (75) Tre'a Vi (Tre'erman); Tre'ar Erma (Tre'erman)
High (93) Kel'ar Iy (Kel'ariy)
Auroran Low (60) Sorvad (Kin)
Medium (75) Latin (Heraan Sa); Siberia (Heraan Gulag)
High (82) Heraan (Heraan); Olos (Olein); Rimerta (Pimen); 'Trenel (Kao)


Consisting of all manner of materials, industrial cargo is vital to support the industrial activities on many worlds, and consequently their economies. Prices are good, and markets plentiful, although finding weak and strong points can be a challenge. Rarely must a captain go far without finding a market for industrial goods of one sort or another. Most planets both export and import industrial materials however, so overall, prices tend to be middle of the road. Finding the few supply and demand centers is the key to making profits on industrial runs.

Industrial Trade Centers
Region Price Trade Centers
Federation Low (280) Diva (Lalande 21185); Georgia (Nesre Primus); Lodestone (Fire); Syracuse (Galvan); Viking (Tichel); Antaria (Centauri); Kerensky (Sibko)
Medium (350) Earth (Sol); Gem (Fomalhaut); GLi-Tech-nia (Rimshot); Hargen (Merrynne); Kinike (Sanddown); Las Vegas (Vega); New England (Wolf 359); Notas (Nadir); Port Kane (Kania); Pyrogenesis I (Nesre Secundus); Rauther (Rautherion); Snowmelt (Fomalhaut); Tidal (Kon); Cornwall (South Manchester)
High (437) Kismet (Enlightenment)
Polaris Low (280) P'ar Aed (P'aedt); Tre'a Ro (Tre'pirana)
Medium (350) Kel'ar Iy (Kel'ariy); Tre'ar Helonis (Tre'illica); Tre'ar Teschesch (Tre'helov); Tre'ar Vilarn (Tri'cikilla); Ver'ar Noriout (Ver'ikar); Ver'ar Pised (Ver'avo); Ver'ar Sho (Ver'ashan)
High (437) Ver'ar Shan (Ver'ashan)
Auroran Low (280) Olos (Olein), Siberia (Heraan Gulag)
Medium (350) Latin (Heraan Sa); Rimerta (Pimen); Trenel (Kao)
High (420) Heraan (Heraan); Lixos (Aplix)

Medical SuppliesEdit

At the second highest prices (after Luxury), Medical Supplies are a profitable item to carry, although the number of good trade routes is less than for some of the other commodities. Medical Supplies are a vital commodity for worlds that are not self-sufficient in this area, and thus when markets are found, prices are usually good for them.

Medical Supply Trade Centers
Region Price Trade Centers
Federation Low (600) Earth (Sol); Hargen (Merrynne); Helen (Eeniar); Pyrogenesis I (Nesre Secundus); Ryll (Porto Rillia)
Medium (750) Altia (Altair); Boral I (Arcturus); Cornwall (South Manchester); Dunroamin (Journey's End); Gineia (Outpost 819); Kismet (Enlightenment); Kolan (Sanddown); Menin (Lesten); New England (Wolf 359); Rauther (Rautherion); Serenity (Lotus); Tidal (Kon)
High (937) Antaria (Centauri); Kinike (Sanddown); New Ireland (Tuatha); Port Kane (Kania); Sirius II (Sirius)
Polaris Low (600) Ver'ar Noriout; Ver'ar Pised (Ver'ashan); Tre'a Ro (Tre'pirana)
Medium (750) Kel'ar Iy (Kel'ariy); Tre'ar Helonis; Tre'ar Vilarn
High (937) Ver'ar Roqu (Ver'roqi); Ver'a He (Ver'roqi)
Auroran Low (600) Tranquility (Heraan Malo)
Medium (750) Heraan (Heraan); Schmoo (Gary)
High (937) Olos (Olein); Rimerta (Pimen); Trenel (Kao)

Luxury GoodsEdit

The better off of humanity provide a constant demand for the finer things in life. The nature of these items are as variable as the whims of their consumers, but one constant is the rather high price people are willing to pay to get their hands on them. Finding sources for these goods with reasonable prices can be as difficult as locating an Xtreem Rocket-Board on Christmas Eve, but the profits one can gain often make the search worthwhile.

Luxury Goods Trade Centers
Region Price Trade Centers
Federation Low (720) Xyon (Enlightenment); New Ireland* (Tuatha)
Medium (900) Antaria (Centauri); Europa (Sol); Helen (Eeniar); Port Kane (Kania); Ryll (Porto Rillia); Sirius II (Sirius); Syracuse (Galvan)
High (1125) Dunroamin (Journey's End); Earth (Sol); GLi-Tech-nia (Rimshot); Hearth (Homeworld); Kolan (Sanddown); Las Vegas (Vega); Moonview (Moonrise); New England (Wolf 359); Serenity (Lotus); Skye (Murasaki)
Polaris Low (720) Tre'a Ro (Tre'pirana)
Medium (900) Tre'ar Helonis
High (1125) Kel'ar Iy (Kel'ariy)
Auroran Low (720) Latin (Heraan Sa); Rimerta (Pimen); Trenel (Kao)
Medium (900) Heraan (Heraan); Tranquility (Heraan Malo); Olos (Olein); Siberia (Heraan Gulag)
High (1125)

'Aurora (Aurora);' Schmoo (Gary); Water Moon (Wittor)


Metals are the most widely demanded natural resource in the galaxy, consisting of all manner of ores and minerals. They are the lifeblood of the industries on most worlds as without them, few pieces of technology could be produced. While the vast majority of metal is mined from major worlds, asteroids also are a key source for the ores, and many captains make a living mining these 'space rocks'.

While mining is the basis for many economies in the galaxy, providing a large number of inexpensive sources for metal, few planets are without a metal source due to the ability to mine asteroids. The result is that metal is widely available but rarely is anyone willing to pay a premium for it. Still there are some interstellar runs that can turn a modest profit, and for asteroid miners, knowing where to sell can be the key to a successful business.

Metal Trade Centers
Region Price Trade Centers
Federation Low (160) Antaria (Centauri); Boral I (Arcturus); Diva (Lalande 21185); Gem (Fomalhaut); Georgia (Nesre Primus); Ginea (Outpost 819); Hargen (Merrynne); Herald (Avalon); Kismet (Enlightenment); Lodestone (Fire); Pyrogenesis I (Nesre Secundus); Sirius II (Sirius); Snowmelt (Fomalhaut); Viking (Tichel)
Medium (200) Altia (Altair); Earth (Sol); Europa (Sol); GLi-Tech-nia (Rimshot); New England (Wolf 359); New Ireland (Tuatha); Notas (Nadir); Port Kane (Kania); Syracuse (Galvan); Cornwall (South Manchester)
High (250) Ryll (Porto Rillia)
Polaris Low (160) Tre'ar Teschesch; Ver'ar Pised (Ver'avo); Tre'a Ro (Tre'pirana)
Medium (200) Kel'ar Iy (Kel'ariy); Tre'ar Helonis; Tre'a Vi; Ver'ar Sho (Ver'ashan)
High (240) none known
Auroran Low (160) Lixos (Aplix)
Medium (200) Heraan (Heraan); Olos (Olein)
High (240) Latin (Heraan Sa); Equit (Equit)


Equipment has relatively good prices and is widely available, making it one of the most common staples of the bulk shipping industry. A large number of trade centers include equipment in their list of traded commodities.

Equipment Trade Centers
Region Price Trade Centers
Federation Low (440) Menin (Lesten); Kerensky (Sibko); Port Kane (Kania); Rauther (Rautherion); Ryll (Porto Rillia); Syracuse (Galvan)
Medium (550) Boral I (Arcturus); Cornwall (South Manchester); Diva (Lalande 21185); Georgia (Nesre Primus); Ginea (Outpost 819); Herald (Avalon); Kismet (Enlightenment); Las Vegas (Vega); New Ireland (Tuatha); Serenity (Lotus); Sirius II (Sirius); Skye (Murasaki); Snowmelt (Fomalhaut); Tidal (Kon); Viking (Tichel)
High (687) Altia (Altair); Antaria (Centauri); Europa (Sol); Gem (Fomalhaut); GLi-Tech-nia (Rimshot); Hargen (Merrynne); Helen (Eeniar); Kinike (Sanddown); Lodestone (Fire); Mairim (Hannaford); New England (Wolf 359)
Polaris Low (600) Ver'ar Noriout; Ver'ar Shan (Ver'ashan); Tre'a Ro (Tre'pirana)
Medium (750) Tre'a Vi; Tre'ar Helonis; Tre'ar Vilarn; Ver'ar Pised
High (825) Kel'ar Iy (Kel'ariy); Tre'ar Teschesch; Ver'ar Sho
Auroran Low (440) Olos (Olein)
Medium (550) Heraan (Heraan); Rimerta (Pimen); Siberia (Heraan Gulag); Sorvad (Kin); Trenel (Kao)
High (825) Lixos (Aplix); Tranquility (Heraan Malo)

*Asterisk indicates that the price of the good at that planet is under the effect of a disaster at the beginning of the game.

Junks Edit

Junks are unusual commodities that have limited demand and supply, but can be highly profitable at the right time and place. Most trade centers will only supply or demand a single type of junk, although there are a few that supply one and demand another. Junks are only available at low or high prices, with no medium price.

There are three junks that may be bought and sold for a higher profit per-ton than luxury goods (when bought low and sold high). These are Bio-weapons, New Medical Compounds, and Opals. Of these, Opals are the safest and most convenient to trade, but also the least profitable - at a mere 33% more credits per ton than luxuries.

Specialty commodities ("Junks")
Commodity Supply centers Low price Demand centers High price Profit
Ancient Vell-os Sculpture Goliath (South Manchester) 400 Port Kane (Kania) 625 225
Antique Mining Equipment Trusa (Archenar) 180 Hearth (Homeland) 247 67
Auroran Holy Symbols Gungungun (Sect) 40 Rimerta (Pimen) 62 22
Bio-Engineered Kelp Tre'ar Vilarnd
Aria (Aria)
Ryll (Port Rillia)
80 Retsim (Vella Hevel)
Latin (Heraan Sa)
Tekel SS I (Tekel Nicka)
125 45
Bio-weapons Codec (Codehaven) 2000 Menin (Lesten)
Moash (Moash)
3125 1125
Chrotite Gas Kismet (Enlightenment) 640 GLi-Tech-nia (Rimshot)
Rauther (Rautherion)
Ver'ar Sho
1000 360
Durknen Girns  ?
 ? Kymonth Station (Tekel Kymon)
3750  ?
Duranium Alloy Herald (Avalon)
720 Earth (Sol)
1125 405
Exotic Bio-Compounds Hargen (Merrynne)
Ver'ar Pised
Kymonthia (Tekel Kymon)
560 Ver'ar Noriout
Tranquility (Heraan Malo)
Joccika (Vella Jocci)
875 315
Guinness Barrels New Ireland (Tuatha) 160 Skye (Murasaki)
Spacedock VI (Kerella)
250 90
Ice-cat Pelts Mairim (Hannaford) 136 Europa (Sol) 187 51
Krim-Hwa Holy Symbols Las Vegas (Vega) 40 Sirius II (Sirius)
Syracuse (Galvan)
Xyon (Enlightenment)
Honor (Bloodstone)
62 22
Made by Helen Clothing Helen (Eeniar) 280 Kolan (Sanddown)
Dunroamin (Journey's End)
New Babylon (Nesre Primus)
437 157
Monkdillo Shells Sirius II (Sirius) 440 Kerensky (Sibko)
P'ar Aed (P'aedt)
687 247
New Medical Compounds Joccika (Vella Jocci) 1200 Etrusca (Heraan Sa) 1875 675
Nibos Beer Nibos Prime (Nibos) 140 Vella (Vella)
Trenel (Kao)
Fallen (Fallen)
Tekel (Tekel)
218 78
Opals Tre'ar Teschesch (Tre'helov)
Gem (Fomalhaut)
Lixos (Aplix)
Thror (Gefjon)
Tre'ar Illini (Tre'vasar)

Serenity (Lotus)
Greenwich (Horizon)
Schmoo (Gary)
Our Spiel (S7evyn)

Kipa (Kipa) (Houseless)

Tre'a Ro (Tre'pirana) (polaris)

1500 540
Seafood Delicacies Tre'ar Zalom (Tri'niphu) 440 Kel'ar Iy (Kel'ariy)
Spacedock II (Tichel)
687 247
Stuffed Knup-Knups Tau Prime (Tau Ceti) 600

Altia (Altair)

Harbor (Scheall)

825 225
Tender Gecht Flesh Gecht (Gecht) 160 Heraan (Heraan) 220 to 250 60 to 90
Vrenna Ice Lizard Pelts Vrenna (Outbound) 600 Georgia (Nesre Primus)
Moonview (Moonrise)
Snowmelt (Fomalhaut)
Ver'ar Shan (Ver'ashan)
Water Moon (Wittor)
Mu'ar Haro (Mu'hari)
937 337
Water Europa (Sol)
Kon (Tidal)
Haven (Aldebaran)

Fetumschk (Heraan Lacora)
Lodestone (Fire)

Dani (Dani)

375 135
Xtreem Rocket-Boards Tau II (Tau Ceti) 120 Diva (Lalande 21185)
Kinike (Sanddown)
New England (Wolf 359)
Viking (Tichel)
187 67

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