Dafydd Williams in his infamous pipelock pose.

Dafydd Williams, also known as pipeline, is a developer from ATMOS. He wrote part of the Nova storyline and many of the descriptions and did graphical work as well. He is one of the moderators on the Nova Boards at the official Ambrosia Software webboards. Aside from Jason Cook, Dafydd is the only ATMOSian still active on the boards and is often the only source of more obscure Nova lore. Currently, he is creating ship graphics for the plug-in ARPIA2, which is led by Pace, and is doing a seperate plug known as New Breed, about which very little is known.

In game, Dafydd "flies" a Wraith Youth. He is considered invincible (though he is not) due to his ability to cloak and decloak rapidly enough to fire weapons while still being invisible. In the 1.0.9 version, there is a bug where it is possible to encounter two Dafydds, one under the name of Dafydd Williams and the other under Dave Williams. It is easiest to encounter this bug in the s7evyn system[1].