The Dani House is the third most involved house in the Auroran storyline. Dani is in the galactic east with the main Auroran space on their west border, their enemy the Tekel House on their east border, and the Houseless pirates to the south. They argue with Tekel over whose responsibility it is to deal with the Houseless.

The Dani appear to use a swirling galaxy as their insignia.

The Dani System Edit

The Dani House capital world is called Dani, and is located in the Dani System, along with a hypergate that leads to the Tekel, Kania, and Aurora Systems.

The planet Dani is, like the other Auroran house capital worlds, exceedingly polluted and overpopulated. The major commodities are expensive here. Water is in demand.


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The Dani House plays a role in two storylines: the Auroran and the Federation. In the Auroran string the Heraan House launches retaliatory attacks against them. They also send representatives to duels and the Auroran Council. In the latter, they simply get their homeworld nuked to lifelessness, becoming one of the four worlds in the game that don't have a defense fleet.

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