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EVN: Delphi is a Total Conversion (TC) written for Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity Nova game title.

The main premise of the game is set within a universe where despite rapid expansion, man has yet to encounter alien life among the stars. Following a devastating war that wipes out half of humanity, the human race is in desperate need of a unifying force to push it forward. This call is answered by a military force established near the end of the war to protect the dying outer colonies cut off from the core of civilization. The Nova Defense Coalition, forged out of the fires of war, would quickly become the strongest military force known to man. Despite its benevolent protection of most of the human race by the end of the 2700s, there are still pockets of resistance and rebellion throughout the mostly unified human worlds, and the embers of war still glow brightly, ready to re-ignite at any time. Most notable of these troublesome factions is the organization known as Kabura, after the japanese word for the first arrow fired in a battle. In their minds, they believe themselves to be the first arrow in what will be a great volley from all the bitter colonies on the outer edges of civilized space, feeling sentiment of abandonment after the end of the Orion War and left to die, though in truth a simple overall lack of rescue forces was the cause of their long suffering. Still, this pocket resistance to the NDC military and the government they protect serve as a great menace to humanity, through frequent attacks on NDC-affiliated ships and planets, and many believe that the human race will not advance further until this conflict can be resolved.

In the time being, at the opposite side of space from the war front, secret technology is being developed, in an effort to cross the barren wasteland of emptyness between the Orion and Scutum-Crux arms of the galaxy, in the search for both more resources, and possibly, life itself.

External LinksEdit

Official Progress Log - Full backstory on pages 5-6

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