The Auroran drop bear is a dangerous animal that, for some reason or other, attacks foreigners more often than it attacks Aurorans. It appears on most Auroran worlds and sends the player for a brief (but expensive) hospital visit.

Notes Edit

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It is unclear whether Drop Bear Repellent actually does anything to reduce the likelihood of attack. In fact, there's a strong possibility that it increases the chances of an attack. Also, once you buy the repellent you're stuck with it. You can't sell it anywhere, and it comes with you when you buy a new ship!

It has been speculated that Drop Bears are actually Auroran warriors in suits, jumping gullible foreigners for a laugh or to make money from fake repellent sales.

If the player has a T3 rank or higher, or is in the Auroran storyline, he/she will not be attacked by Drop Bears.

Also, take note that the bill for a drop bear attack-related hospital stay is not a set sum, but is based on your account balance on the date the attack occurs, so beware especially to those of means, lest you see millions disappear from your account overnight.

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