Enlightenment is a star system in the Tau region of Federation space. It contains two inhabited planets: Kismet and Xyon.

System Edit

Once a well-connected system, Enlightenment has become a bit of a backwater as it is tucked away, only able to access the rest of the Federation through Tau Ceti. It is home to two vastly different worlds, both important destinations for their own reasons however, which attracts a significant amount of traffic through the system. Kismet's resources are very critical to the Federation's economy--particularly its military industries--so the navy maintains steady patrols.

Enlightenment was once connected directly to the hypergate network, but its gate was destroyed and has not been repaired. It now is three standard jumps from the network, requiring ships to jump first to Tau Ceti, then through Sol to access Alphara, Kerella, Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, or Tichel. A wormhole exists far to the southeast of system center, but it can be difficult to locate reliably. Pirates are known to use this hole to mount surprise attacks on the Chrotite Gas shipments out of Kismet.

Kismet Edit

Kismet space

Kismet's rings contain a wealth of minerals, but it is the gas giant itself that is the focus of mining operations.

First explorers marked Kismet for a casual mining exploration, noting its thick rings in particular as a potential gold mine of mineral wealth. It was initial studies of the gaseous body of the planet however, which revealed the true gem of the system. Kismet is abnormally loaded with the extremely rare, but also extremely useful Chrotite Gas, a necessary component of starship engines as well as certain other high-technology devices including weaponry. Thus far, the Federation has yet to find a second similar source, and thus the mining operations here are extremely profitable. While other operations also exist in the planet's rings and for more mundane gases, it is the Chrotite operations which drive the significant traffic here.

Port services Edit

Kismet has no central spaceport, but instead a network of individual platforms in orbit serve as way-stations to collect gas and mineral resources from the mining stations and transfer them to the freighters that distribute the goods about the galaxy. Some are exclusively for one type of material (the Chrotite handling stations in particular), while others handle some variety of minerals. Almost all are small and functional with little spared for human comforts. They are also usually quite busy, and many crews can be found taking advantage of the short respite from their ship at the bar while captains are afforded access to the mission BBS. Starship operations are limited to loading and unloading cargo, and a recharge if needed, but no significant outfitting or shipyard activities are undertaken.

Trade Center Edit

No single trade center exists, but when first arriving at a way station, captains can access a terminal which will direct them efficiently to where they need to go to get what they are at Kismet to pick up. There are both a surprising amount of exports as well as imports as the various stations need a variety of supplies to maintain operations. Some are even involved in doing their own refining and production prior to shipment.

Kismet markets
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Metal (160 cr)
Chrotite Gas (640 cr)
Equipment (550 cr)
Medical Supplies (750 cr)
Industrial (437 cr)
Trade links from Kismet
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
62.3 Kinike (Sanddown) 2 Medical Supplies 187
60.0 GLi-Tech-nia (Rimshot) 5 Chrotite Gas 360
45.7 Europa (Sol) 2 Equipment 137
13.3 Earth (Sol) 2 Medical Supplies 40
10.0 New England (Wolf 359) 3 Metal 40
Trade links to Kismet
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
50.0 Earth (Sol) 2 Medical Supplies 150
50.0 Hargen (Merrynne) 2 Medical Supplies 150
39.3 Viking (Tichel) 3 Industrial 157
29.0 Kinike (Sanddown) 2 Industrial 87

Xyon Edit

Xyon surface

Evidence of prior habitation exists near the poles of Xyon's ocean covered surface.

Completely covered by water, Xyon's exhibits amazing patterns of weather which promote a strong sense of tranquility. Named after a Krim-Hwa god, it to this day remains a popular pilgrimage site in addition to the normal draw of tourists admiring its endless oceans and archaeologists seeking clues as to whether or not the world was once occupied by the Vell-os on their journey away from Earth.

Port services Edit

Xyon's spaceport is a busy but yet unstressful port to disembark in. It is rather well stocked with local entrepreneurs seeking customers amongst the holiday makers while many a guide offers anyone with a few credits the key to finding spiritual awakenings at hot-spots across the planet. The bars and restaurants have a most pleasant setting, though the food is nothing to get excited about. Near the port itself is easy access to Federation communications, including a mission BBS. There is little more in the way of technical support than a recharge and emergency repairs, as Xyon lacks anything as large as a shipyard or outfitter.

Trade Center Edit

The various trinkets and works of art crafted on Xyon fetch good prices across the galaxy, so many captains dock here to pick up the surplus that doesn't get hawked to tourists. The only high value imports however are shipments of holy symbols for the large influx of Krim-Hwa pilgrims.

Xyon markets
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Luxury Goods (720 cr) Food (75 cr) Krim-Hwa Holy Symbols (62 cr)
Major trade links from Xyon
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
135.0 Earth (Sol) 2 Luxury Goods 405
135.0 Kolan (Sanddown) 2 Luxury Goods 405
101.3 New England (Wolf 359) 3 Luxury Goods 405
67.5 GLi-Tech-nia (Rimshot) 5 Luxury Goods 405
67.5 Skye (Murasaki) 5 Luxury Goods 405

Notes Edit

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