This article is provided merely as reference, since EVC is playable via its Nova TC. Please remember this is not a Wikia for EVC.

EVC Escape Velocity Classic
Developer(s) Ambrosia Software
Release date(s) May 1996
Genre CRPG
Mode(s) single player
Platform(s) Mac OS
Escape Velocity title

Escape Velocity (sometimes refered to as Escape Velocity Classic or EVC) is a single-player, role-playing, space-adventure computer game series first introduced in 1996 by Ambrosia Software for the Apple Macintosh. The scenario and engine were created by Matt Burch. The original game is still available for purchase from Ambrosia's website, or a port for the EV Nova engine may be downloaded for free and used like a typical total conversion.

Escape Velocity involves disputes between the Confederation government and a Rebellion against it. The player can pick sides (or not) based on who they believe is right, who they believe is stronger, who they believe it is more profitable to support, or any other criteria.


The Rebellion is one of two main governments in Escape Velocity. According to the game documentation, after winning a deadly war with "enigmatic alien marauders" the Confederation did not relinquish its naval power, and, according to the game's introduction, began exploiting the resources of the outer worlds. Those worlds eventually seceded, provoking a civil war. The Rebellion is in turn criticised for its aggressive nature, support of quasi-criminal organisations, and attacks on civilian shipping and liners. The Rebellion uses four ships in their campaign against the Confederation including Rebel Manta, Rebel Destroyer, Rebel Cruiser and Escort Carrier.

The Confederation is one of two main governments in the game. According to the game, as humanity expanded into the Milky Way Galaxy, the new colonies operated independently of each other. However, an invasion by an unknown alien race forced the colonies to unify under Earth's leadership. This became known as the Confederation. The Confederation and the aliens fought a bloody war, with millions of humans being killed. Eventually the Confederation prevailed. Years after the war ended, many in the outer worlds felt that the Confederation was becoming corrupt and oppressive. They seceded from the Confederation and became known as the Rebellion. At the start of the game, the two sides are locked in a bloody stalemate. The Confederation uses four ships in its military including Confederate Patrol Ship, Confederate Gunboat, Confederate Frigate and Confederate Cruiser.

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