Federation Anaconda
Federation F-29 Anaconda
General characteristics
Acceleration 650
Turning ability 70
Maximum speed 450
Cost 150,000 cr
Requirements Naval approval
Technical specifications
Length 9 meters
Shield capacity 90/25
Armor effectiveness 45
Energy capacity 300 units or 3 jumps
Crew 1
Total mass 15 tons
Free space 15 tons
Cargo space 10 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 3
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament 2 Light Blasters, 2 IR Missile Launchers & 6 ammo
Included outfits Military IR Jammer

The main problem with the Viper as a fighter craft is a complete lack of any form of explosive projectile. A new variant that has the 'long distance kill' capacity, based on the Viper chassis, has been the Federation's choice of Space Superiority Fighter ever since. Although this ship, named the Anaconda, suffers from a slightly slower acceleration and top speed than the Viper, its ability to destroy enemy fighters before that fighter can get within gun range more than compensates.


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Unlike the Viper, the Anaconda does not appear in anything but military versions, as it is not intended for sale to the general public. Pilots who wish to obtain one to use as a primary vessel must either enter the Federation storyline or disable and capture one. The shipborne fighter version is a useful tool to dispatch small fighters, particularly the Auroran Firebird, or make "bombing" runs with their IR Missiles. The Anaconda is comparable in strength to the Auroran Phoenix.


Heavy Fighter: The version to the right.

Light Missile: 2 Raven Rocket Pods, 3 Light Cannons

Auroran Outfits: 2 FPC's, 2 Radar Missile Launchers.

One way to outfit an Anaconda is to sell the Light Blasters and add Hellhound Missiles, Wraithii, and keep the IR Missiles.

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