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General characteristics
Acceleration 300
Turning ability 30
Maximum speed 200
Cost 12 million credits
Requirements None
Technical specifications
Length 100 meters
Shield capacity 500/40
Armor effectiveness 850
Energy capacity 700 units or 7 jumps
Crew 120
Total mass 1750 tons
Free space 40 tons
Cargo space 500 tons
Gun hard-points 8 (max)
Turret hard-points 4 (max)
Standard armament 8 Ion Cannons, 1 EMP Torpedo Tube & 8 ammo, 2 IR Missile Launchers & 20 ammo
Included outfits 1 Pirate Jammer

The Mass retool is an outfit that permanently modifies a spacecraft by converting twelve tons of cargo space into ten tons of free mass. It is less wasteful of space than a mass expansion, but it is not reversible.

Mass expansion is an outfit that converts some of a ship's available cargo space into additional storage for weapons and other ship enhancements. A typical mass expansion involves converting fifteen tons of cargo space into ten tons of mass capacity.

The Sigma Mass Addition, like all Sigma Shipyards upgrades, is an expensive modification to get the most possible out of your ship. This outfit adds five tons of free mass for your vessel, without the need to sacrifice cargo space at a cost of 500,000 credits. It can be applied twice.

Sigma Mass Expansion is where you give up 120 tons of free cargo space for 100 tons of free mass. If you have lots of Cargo space, it is seriously recommended that you get this outfit.

Now if I do the math right - 500-12-12-12-12-12=50 tons of canverted cargo space added to the 40 tons which adds to 90 tons of free space. 440 cargo space avalibale after the retool.

440-15-15-15-15-15=50 tons of freemass added on to the 90 tons which adds to 140 tons of free space. 365 tons of cargo space avalibal after the expansion. 365-120-120=200 tons of free manss added on to 140 tons which adds to 340 tons of free space. 125 tons of cargo space avalible after the Sigma expansion. 340+5+5=10 tons of added mass(not affecting the cargo space) from the Sigma mass addition which adds to 350 tons of free space. You still have 125 tons of cargo space to cary what ever you whant to make money. (Optional) To have maximum free space sell all the outfits from your bought manticore and jack it up with the outfits you whant.

Here are the outfits I would put in mine-

Get the Sigma improvent's first

2 Anaconda Bay's-Finnding out mass (Millatary approval for outfits from the storyline, I'll get more in depth with that .)

2 Viper Bay's- Finnding out mass (Millatary approval)

4 Heavy Blaster Turrets-45 ton's each-4 HBT's take up 100 free space (Millatary approval)

1 Thunderhead bay-takes up 90 tons of free space

1 Hellhound Missle launcher-takes up 10 tons of free space

50 Hellhound Missle's

So right now you have 350-100-10-90=150

4 Baterry pack's and 4 Solar pannal's

1 After burnner

Her's how to get millatary approval -Federation 1 (428): Federation Resupply times 6

Federation 7 (434): Bring in Terrorist

Federation 8 (435): Bring in Spy

Federation 9 (436): Bring in Dissident

Federation 10 (437): Bring in Political Dissident

Federation 11 (438): Bring in Political Dissident

Federation 12 (439): Bring in Fed Councilor

Federation 17 (448): Receive Instructions from Krane 22:41, November 30, 2010 (UTC)Cameron Bradley

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