Auroran Firebird
Auroran Industries Firebird
General characteristics
Acceleration 800
Turning ability 80
Maximum speed 500
Cost 150,000 credits
Requirements Early Auroran string
Technical specifications
Length 8 meters
Shield capacity 25/6
Armor effectiveness 75/0
Energy capacity 2 jumps or 200 units
Crew 1
Total mass 12 tons
Free space 5 tons
Cargo space 5 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 3
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament 2 Hail Chainguns & 50 Ammo
Included outfits none

Firebirds are the main Auroran fighter. Their engines are simple, to say the least. Their task is to protect the Phoenix from attack by smaller fighters such as the Viper, while the Phoenix take on the heavier ships. The Firebird is slower than the Viper, but not by enough to give the Viper a decisive edge. Battles between the two often come down to individual skill. Many a Federation/Auroran border skirmish has come to a halt while the two sides watch a Firebird/Viper dogfight between renowned pilots.

Notes Edit

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The firebird takes a different approach in fighter strategy than the viper. Unlike its Federation adversaries, it uses Hail Chainguns or Fusion Pulse Cannons instead of blasters. This is offset, however, by the atrocious shields and non-reactive armor. Excellent maneuverability and good armor allows for a fighter that, in the right hands, can take down many more Vipers than Firebirds, seeing as they are particularly vulnerable to other Auroran ships. This ship should probably used by Nova pilots who enjoy flying and dogfighting more than accomplishing more difficult mission strings.

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