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Fomalhaut is a star system in Federation space. It contains two ports, is governed by the Federation and connects to four other systems.

Interstellar connections Edit

  1. Kon
  2. Murasaki
  3. SPC-1927
  4. Tichel

Nearest Hypergate entrance: Tichel (1 jump)

Space objects Edit

  1. Gem
  2. Snowmelt

Hazards Edit

  1. Sparse asteroid field - This asteroid field ranks among the most profitable fields in the game as it is one of the very few with huge opal asteroids in it (and no huge metal asteroids to confuse you), and it lies only four jumps from the Lotus system, and Serenity where the opals sell for 1500/ton.  It takes time to mine these minerals, but that time yields the highest trade-based profit (by ton) in the game, even higher than the 1100-credit-per-ton profit of Bioweapons.

See also Edit

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