Hail Chaingun
General specifications
Weapon type

Front-quadrant turret

Total mass

4 tons

Maximum allowed


Tech level






Ammunition Cost

20 cr

Ammunition Mass

no appreciable mass

Maximum ammunition allowed


Weapon damage and characteristics
Maximum speed




Energy damage


Mass damage




Reload time

0; Burst Reload: 15

Impact magnitude


Blast radius


Proximity delay


Screen Shot 2011-12-16 at 3.27.51 PM

Hail Chaingun

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," is the old maxim, and the Hail Chaingun holds true to this time-honored principle. A simple caseless round is loaded into one of the two gatling breeches and liquid propellant is injected behind the round. The Hail is cheap, light, effective against armor, and can store enough ammo for an extended firefight. Its most lethal implementation is the mighty Storm Chaingun Turret, which combines four Hails on a turret with automated fire-control hardware as a point defense system.


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This weapon is commonly available from Auroran and Rebellion outfitters. It is the only ammunition-fed primary weapon and as such can be a liability in long fire-fights. Try to re-stock as often as possible, particularly when using multiple chainguns, and/or the Storm Chaingun.

The weapon is best used to grill small fighters. Taking only a couple of these is not recommended against large vessels, nor is using it for asteriod mining, as the money spent on ammunition will dent your profits.

Due to its rate of fire, the Hail Chaingun not only has the highest damage per ton ratio in the game, but it also puts out a respectable amount of damage per second, even with the 1 = X Bug partially affecting it. Enough that it outclasses heavier weapons such as Fusion Pulse Cannons and Medium Blasters. Using a plug to fix the bug makes the damage just silly.

Unless you really don't have the space for fusion pulse cannons, don't use hail chainguns. Fusion pulse cannons don't require ammunition, have a longer range, and do more damage.

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