Hannaford is a system in Federation space. Mairim is the only significant object in the system.

System Edit

As one of the Federation's many secluded systems, Hannaford is part of the Archenar region, and in fact relies on Archenar as its only link to the rest of Federation space. Traffic is light as Mairim is not a major planet either economically or militarily, nor is there a great population here. Nonetheless there is a light flow of independent traders coming through for special cargoes, along with the requisite Federation Navy patrols. A sparse asteroid field supports only a minimal mining effort, further reducing traffic.

Hannaford's only hyperspace link is to Archenar, but is only two jumps from the capital in Sol. Connection to the hypergate network requires an additional jump beyond Sol to one of the surrounding gates in Alphara, Kerella, Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, or Tichel. No wormholes exist in Hannaford's immediate area.

Mairim Edit

Mairim surface

A barren, frozen surface awaits those seeking to hunt ice-cats on Mairim.

Habitable, if only, Mairim's population remains very low due to its harsh environment and relatively few easily exploited resources. The planet is quite cold, and home to several dangers, both living and environmental. The planet is without real government, its residents being primarily rugged individualistic hunters. Trade is light, and the hunters' few needs for off-planet goods are met by barter with independent traders who in turn take on loads of the animal pelts harvested here.

Port services Edit

No official spaceport exists on Mairim, but several small settlements have grown up around natural landing plots. These are the only semblance of civilization on the planet, and consist often of little more than a snow-covered landing pad, a generator and connections for a recharge, and a shack with a connection to the mission BBS.

Trade Center Edit

Life on Mairim requires generators and other equipment to survive in the inhospitable wilderness. The only thing Mairim hunters usually can offer in return are animal furs, in particular those of the fearsome ice-cats. Trade here is as simple as that. A few hardy souls operate small warehouses and will accept or offer credits for goods, but to only sell without buying is looked upon with an unsavory eye.

Mairim markets
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Ice-cat Pelts (120 cr) Equipment (687 cr)
Trade links to Mairim
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
34.3 Viking (Tichel) 3 Equipment 137
27.4 Diva (Lalande 21185) 4 Equipment 137
27.4 Kismet (Enlightenment) 4 Equipment 137
27.4 Sirius II (Sirius) 4 Equipment 137
27.4 Snowmelt (Fomalhaut) 4 Equipment 137

Notes Edit

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