Hell-Hound Missile Launcher
Hellhound Missile Launcher
General specifications
Weapon type

Missile Launcher

Total mass

10 tons

Maximum allowed


Tech level



Missile Weapons License



Ammunition Cost


Ammunition Mass


Maximum ammunition allowed


Weapon damage and characteristics
Maximum speed



160 frames / 1720 pixels

Energy damage


Mass damage




Reload time


Impact magnitude


Blast radius


Proximity delay


Jamming vulnerability

0, 80, 0, 0

After the development of the EMP Torpedo, the Federation sought to create a missile weapon that fell somewhere between the huge EMP and the run-of-the-mill Radar Missile. The result is the Hellhound, a terrifying weapon that no-one wants chasing them. In addition to significant impact and ionization, Hellhounds have a notable blast radius, excellent target tracking and sufficient range to cause the downfall of many pirates and enemies of the Federation. Many unlucky traders have met their demise when they encounter a pirate lucky enough to possess one of these beauties.


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Hellhound Missile

A Hellhound Missile.

Many find that Hellhound Missiles are one of the most efficient, low-cost civilian weapons out there. With excellent damage, speed, and tracking, they are effective against anything and can be used by any medium ship out there. With just a single launcher, they are great at clearing out clumps of fighters and small ships and have one of the best mass/power ratios available. 10 tons nets you up to 50 missles while the only other heavy missle set up an Etheric Wake Launcher which nets you 3 missles per for 10 tons. With three launchers and fifty missiles, they can easily decimate an enemy fleet. This missile produces a series of small explosions, and a larger explosion. Despite what the graphics show, it actually has a larger blast radius than the EMP Torpedo. It will shoot out orange shards if it detonates on either a ship or an asteroid.

Hellhounds, however, have several drawbacks. First, their ammo count is very low, limiting their usage in protracted battle lest the player risk running out at a critical moment. Second, the blast radius can damage and ionize the player from their own missiles if they fire at too close of range. This, however, applies in reverse as well. And finally, nearby asteroids can decoy a Hellhound, causing it to chase the rock instead of the target ship. On the other hand, a player can use this to their advantage by flying near asteroids when trying to avoid Hellhounds.

The only places you can get Hellhound missiles and launchers are Rebel I (Evlei system), Rebel II (Koria system), and Rauther (Rautherion system).