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Horizontal Booster

Donald Chick's expertise does not just stop at starship design and engineering; it also extends to hyperspatial navigational computational modules. When you link this module into your navi-computer, it will be able to calculate hyperspatial trajectories much earlier than normal, as it includes an incredibly advanced gravitational compensation algorithm which allows you to enter hyperspace from much closer to the system center. Many Rebel starship captains will attest to its effectiveness.


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The horizontal booster is available on the space station Rebel II in the Koria system and on Honor in the Bloodstone system, however the natural choice for new captains would be to buy it at Misfire in the Trishka system.

The horizontal booster has a simple function: it allows the ship to go to hyperspace closer to the system center. Useful for high-speed escapes, fleeing battles, and running blockades, it is a very popular upgrade for all ships, especially because it uses no mass and costs only 150,000 credits.

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