General characteristics
Acceleration 250
Turning ability 30
Maximum speed 200
Cost N/A
Requirements Unobtainable without plug-ins
Technical specifications
Length 30 meters
Shield capacity 630/84
Armor effectiveness 15/2
Energy capacity none
Crew none
Total mass 10 tons
Free space none
Cargo space none
Gun hard-points Maximum of 2
Turret hard-points none
Standard armament 1 Solar Lance
Included outfits none

The Hyperioid is a space-dwelling animal that feeds on the emissions from various types of stars. Most of their bodies are actually energy projections, and the actual matter component of their bodies seems almost an evolutionary remnant. They will migrate between stars after the death of a food source. They can coast between stars for æons in a low energy state, where their bodies revert to their ten tons or so of actual mass. Hyperioids breed by a method of group construction, where many Hyperioids will add traits to a single new individual.

Notes Edit

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There had been sightings of these benevolent creatures in deep space since humanity developed the capability to travel among them, but it was not until the year 118 NC (over 1,050 years before the start of the game, and just over fifty years since the formation of the Colonial Council) that the sightings were confirmed.

Hyperioids coexist with the Wraith in the north and northeast of the galaxy.

Hyperioids have often been referred to as "cows with guns", due to the fact that, much like cows, most of their time is spent grazing, but they have a potent defense against enemies.

Installation of one plug-in (Hyperioid.rez) will cause Hyperioids to appear and hunt down the player.

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