IDA Frigate
IDA Frigate
General characteristics
Acceleration Average
Turning ability Average
Maximum speed 200
Cost 750,000 cr
Requirements Capital Ships License, Capital Warships License, Heavy Weapons License, Missile Weapons License
Technical specifications
Length 180 meters
Shield capacity 525
Armor effectiveness 750
Energy capacity 2 jumps or 200 units
Crew 100
Total mass 650 tons
Free space 50 tons
Cargo space 250 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 4
Turret hard-points Maximum of 4
Standard armament 2 Medium Blaster Turrets, 1 Raven Rocket Turret +100 ammo
Included outfits None

The IDA Frigate was the primary capital warship of the Colonial Council before the destruction of the hypergate system, and instrumental in the defense of the core worlds against the Aurorans. The ships were built to last; the spaceframe itself is compartmented and component-based, and, like the Leviathan, it is virtually indestructible. Don't expect this to protect you if you're on the bridge, however. Poor shields, excellent armor, and the brutal Impact Drive Assemblies (hence IDA) are all mainstays of this vessel.


  • 350 NC: Version shown here to the right.
  • 1150 NC: Quite big difference in firepower compared to the standard version. Also has increased armor and shields, and a slightly higher acceleration. Armed with 4 Medium Blaster Turrets, 4 Raven Rocket Turrets, and 4 Light Blasters.
  • 1160 NC: A straight improvement of the 1150 NC, featuring an increase in pretty much every stat, including top speed. Armed with 3 Heavy Blaster Turrets, 2 Radar Missile Launchers, 2 200mm Railguns, and 1 Quad Light Blaster Turret.
  • 1170 NC: Slightly less armor than the previous version, but this is compensated by an even higher top speed, as well as a increased armament. Armed with 2 Heavy Blaster Turrets, 3 Radar Missile Launchers, 4 200mm Fixed Railguns, and 2 Quad Light Blaster Turrets.


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The stock IDA Frigate is a short-range vessel, but you can add batteries and auxiliary power sources to extend its hyperjump range. This ship can be encountered in a number of variants, including a Rebel version.

The IDA Frigate also has a large cargo space - 250 tons. While this is not much compared to some freighters, the IDA is well-equipped to fight off would-be pirates.

The IDA frigate can be a good ship for asteroid mining in dangerous territory. Because the ship is relatively narrow, it is long, so it needs to be turned sideways in order to collect the mini-asteroids released. When turned sideways, it is actually wider than the Asteroid Miner.

The IDA frigate cannot be turned when completely ionized.

With all Sigma Shipyards upgrades and mass exchanges, and when loaded with weapons and shield upgrades, it is a capable warship