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IFF Decoder

The IFF Decoder is an updated version of ancient atmospheric combat technology that addresses a basic problem of spacefaring: how to tell friend from foe. Every starship has a unique identification code that it broadcasts on a well-established frequency. An IFF decoder matches this code against its internal database and determines whether that ship should be identified as friend or foe (hence the acronym IFF). The system is not foolproof – IFF spoof technology is known to exist – but it works remarkably well in most circumstances.

Color codeEdit

When the ship is equipped, the system radar map in the upper right corner is color-coded.


  • Green : Friendly (escortss, bay and captured).
  • Blue : Neutral.
  • Red : Hostile.
  • Gray : Disabled.
  • Dark gray : Exploding.

The target selection marker uses the same code, except neutral is yellow and exploding ships can't be targetted.

Space objectsEdit

  • Green : Friendly (mostly likely via being dominated).
  • Yellow : Neutral.
  • Orange : Forbidden (neutral, but no permission to land).
  • Red : Hostile.
  • Gray : Uninhabited and unlandable.
  • Blue : Uninhabited, but landable.

The target selection marker is always blue.

Notes Edit

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This is one of the first outfits you should purchase if you plan on surviving long in this galaxy.

Hostility Sense

A Vell-os using its Hostility Sense to determine who is friend or foe.

The Vell-os also have an equivalent known as the Hostility Sense. It serves the exact same functions and is granted when the player reaches T4 in the Vell-os storyline.

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