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Iuso, meaning "Disciple of Iusia" in Polaran, is the title taken by each leader of the Nil'kemorya caste.

Iuso commands an upgraded Nil'kimas Raven . In fact, this is the only Raven that appears outside of the Polaris Storyline . This Raven is equipped with five Capacitor Pulse Lasers , five Manta Bays with thirteen Mantas , an EMP Torpedo tube with twenty five torpedoes, two Etheric Wake Missile Launchers with fifty missiles, four Polaron Multi-Torpedo Launchers with eighty torpedoes, a Nil'kemorya jammer, and a Polaris sensor boost.  


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In EVN, Iuso flies a very powerful Raven. Although it is difficult to capture, many power-hungry players like to fight it to "prove their strength" or dominate planets more easily.

Iuso is spelled with an "I" (capital "i"). The in-game font can make it look like an "L" to some people. Iuso appears in the Ne'helipar system, which is a part of the Nil'kemorya government.

It requires exactly 6 Polaron Multi-Torpedoes and 1 normal torpedo (25 total torpedoes) to disable Iuso's Raven. Launching these torpedoes while cloaked allows the player to avoid the annihilation sure to come his/her way in the form of Iuso's 5x CPLs. Be wary when capturing Iuso's ship in the latest version of EVN as the EMP torpedo launcher/torpedoes are considered illegal by the Polarans and will get your newly captured ship destroyed in a hurry if there are any other forces in the system. A good way to avoid this is to wait to capture the ship until almost everyone has left, land (refuel), fly to a pirate system and sell the emp launcher/torpedoes. This will also free up enough space that you can keep your 5 CPLs (you'll have to use 5x retooling and sigma mass conversion+additions) as well as replace your multi torp launchers with fire-while-cloakable systems and add the tech-goodies from the B storyline.

It is possible to capture Iuso's ship several times. Therefore you are able to obtain six Raven escorts.

Attacking this ship head-on is suicide. However, any pilot that can get behind it is not only immune from the CPL's, but all of the missiles too, and only has to worry about the Mantas. Also, any pilot that is not on great terms with the Polaris will be attacked by all other Polaris ships in the system, including prompt reinforcements from nearby systems.

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