Kolan surface
General Characteristics
System Sanddown
Government Federation
Defense Fleet Fed Destroyers, Fed Carriers
Tribute 10,000
Weapon N/A
Port Services Outfitter, Trade Center, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

A respite from the crowded grim world of Kiniké can be found on its moon Kolan. Expanses of evergreens cover the surface of this forested moon, making it a favored location for those that can afford to move there. Much of Kiniké's elite class reside here instead.

Port servicesEdit

Kolan's port is a distinct change from Kinike's planet-side facilities. Clearly tailored to cater to wealthy traffic, even the spaceport bar has the feel of a gentleman's club with luxurious appointments and excellent service.


Repair and recharge services are quick and efficient on Kolan, and a well equipped outfitter bay offers a variety of outfits, including weaponry and some specialized items.

Trade CenterEdit

Food and medical supplies are offered at fair prices. Due to the number of wealthy residents, there's a great demand for luxury goods and designer Made by Helen clothing.

Kolan markets
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Food (75 cr)
Medical Supplies (750 cr)
Luxury Goods (1127 cr)
Made by Helen Clothing (437 cr)
Trade links from Kolan
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
125.0 Kinike (Sanddown) 0 Medical Supplies 125
3.6 Gem (Fomalhaut) 4 Food 18
3.6 Snowmelt (Fomalhaut) 4 Food 18
Major trade links to Kolan
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
75.0 Europa (Sol) 2 Luxury Goods 225
50.0 Hargen (Merrynne) 2 Medical Supplies 150

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