Kon is a star system in Federation space. Its single inhabited planet, Tidal is a major source of water for many systems in the galaxy.

System Edit

Kon is located at a dead-end, with its only connection to the galaxy through Fomalhaut. Kon's hypergate, HG-Kon, remains destroyed. Traffic is light, mainly consisting of water-carrying freighters (including a few Auroran ones), with occasional Federation patrols. Access to the hypergate system is through Fomalhaut to Tichel, a total of two standard jumps.

Tidal Edit

Tidal surface

The pristine surface of Tidal is one attraction for the growing tourism industry here.

Tidal is the only port in the system and is located near system center. As one of the galaxy's best sources of water, Tidal is assured a steady stream of revenue as planets as far away as Dani in the Auroran Empire contract with it for a supply of the life-sustaining liquid. Otherwise lacking a significant economic force, most Tidal residents work in the water export industry. Self-sustaining food sources are maintained through aquaculture, though food imports for non-seafood continue, while Tidal-grown fish and other foods find markets on other worlds. To maintain their lifeblood--a steady supply of clean water--the planet has been kept in relatively pristine condition, giving rise recently to a new growth area: tourism.

Port services Edit

Services provided include a bar, mission BBS, trade center, and recharger. Tidal's trade is almost entirely centered on water, but a few other items are traded here as well.

Trade goods at Tidal
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Water (240 cr) Food (75 cr)
Medical Supplies (750 cr)
Equipment (550 cr)
Trade links from Tidal
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
68.5 Gem (Fomalhaut) 1 Equipment 137
34.3 Europa (Sol) 3 Equipment 137
22.7 Hargen (Merrynne) 5 Equipment 137
9.0 Snowmelt (Fomalhaut) 1 Food 18
Trade links to Tidal
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
25.0 Hargen (Merrynne) 5 Medical Supplies 150

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