Kont is a truly strange and forbidding planet in the system Kontik. Its most noticeable feature is a large ring system apparently constructed with technology unknown to humankind. The Aurorans sent several research teams to study the planet, but each vanished without a trace and the effort was abandoned.

It appears to be a rocky, barren world, though one can infer that it must have an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere since humans can live on it. Sigma Shipyards operates palladium mines on the surface.


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Several minor mission strings involve visits to this planet. Notable among these are Jerry O'Donnell's probe-launch mission, and the Sigma Shipyards string which unlocks the hypergate system.


Despite of the lack of in-game hints, the nature and origin of Kont was heavily discussed and speculated about in the official Ambrosia EVN forums, including lots of statements from the developers. It seems that Kont is the remains of an enormous alien hypergate-like device. Additionally, it was confirmed that the palladium which Sigma mines at Kont is used for hypergate construction and can therefore be found in great amounts on Kont due to its role as an ancient hypergate.

Undisclosed theory (amateur): The "Megagate" at Kont is made up of two concentric rings connected via spokes (or pillars, depending on gravity). The vast majority of the structure is composed of palladium, to carry the hydrogen collected from the stellar medium by the spoke assembly to the large fusion reactors within the structure. The inner ring functions as the gate, allowing one to tap into the natural wormholes in a galaxy and using them to rapidly explore said galaxy. The beige sphere was likely formed during the obturation of the gate via an accumulation of matter collected from a gas giant in the K-003 system.

There are rumors that a future incarnation of the Nebula: D.O.A. plugin will include Kont in the mission string.

In the EV Nova: United Galactic Federation TC, Kont, still a scientific mystery, plays host to a United Galactic Navy base with the dual roles of fighting the Houseless, and keeping the peace between the forever-feuding Orions and Anz'kalarads.

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