The Church of Krim-Hwa is the largest and most recognizable religious organization in Federation space. It is a fusion of many old Earth religions, creating a culture of gentle, peace-loving people who spread their faith throughout the galaxy while doing good deeds. Headquartered on the planet Las Vegas and with large communities on Sirius II and Xyon, the Krim-Hwa are led by His Eminence Cardinal Feroque delgni.

The Krim-Hwa run a variety of charitable enterprises; they are well known for ministering to the sick and the dying. As a result, they are welcome anywhere in Federation space and have maintained good relations with all the major powers of the galaxy, even through the most trying of times.

The size, influence, and reputed wealth of the church has led to occasional criticism that the organization is more interested in the accretion of power and prestige than it lets on, but the prevailing opinion among ordinary citizens seems to be generally positive.

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