Krypt Pod
General characteristics
Acceleration 1300
Turning ability 130
Maximum speed 600
Cost 1 credit
Requirements N/A
Technical specifications
Length 30 meters
Shield capacity 1200/100
Armor effectiveness 1200/100
Energy capacity 10 jumps or 1000 units
Crew 0
Total mass 60 tons
Free space 0 tons
Cargo space 0 tons
Gun hard-points Maximum of 1
Turret hard-points None
Standard armament 1 (Nanites)
Included outfits None

Krypt Pods are nanite globes created by Krypt to explore the universe. The pods are a part of Krypt's consciousness, and Krypt's curious nature is shown through her pods' tendency to "explore" ships that damage them.


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Try not to mess with Krypt Pods. If too many of your shots (stray or otherwise) hit a Pod, Krypt will become "curious" and try to "explore" your ship. In other words, Krypt will become hostile and start attacking you with its Nanites. Nanites bypass your shields completely and go straight for your armor, almost instantly destroying any insufficiently well-armored ship, so attacking a Krypt Pod is not something you want to do unless you know what you're doing. Furthermore, there is no real benefit to destroying Krypt Pods other than proving that you can or boosting your combat rating, as they have no crew and cannot be boarded.

Its Nanites, however, can be shot down by point defensive weaponry. Storm Chainguns and Quad Light Blaster Turrets are the most effective in taking down the Nanites.

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