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The Aldebaran system contains the planets Merrol, Haven, and Simpson. Located at the junction of several major hyperspace routes, the system is frequented by heavily armed ships of the Federation, Rebellion, Association of Free Traders, and assorted pirates, and even sees occasional visits by Auroran raiders. This ensures that Aldebaran is the closest thing to a continuous melee that is likely to be found in Federation space, even including the infamous Gefjon system.


Haven is an oceanic planet in the Aldebaran system. It is renowned for its exotic submarine habitats and for the xenophobic nature of its inhabitants. It is recommended that offworlders not leave the safety of the starport without a locally knowledgeable escort.


Merrol is a planet in the Aldebaran system. It is the only planet in Federation space to be in open rebellion. The Federation describes this planet as a breakaway being held by 'pirates,' and has instituted a blockade for 'the duration of the current emergency.' Meanwhile, Merrol is quite self-sufficient. It's also the central shipyard for the Rebellion, where purchased, stolen and captured ships are taken to be refitted for active duty. Many of the ships sustain their heaviest damage coming through the blockade above the planet.


Simpson is a rocky moon that is controlled by pirates. They sell a range of outfits made by... "privateers".


Notable space objects:


Notable space objects:


The Arcturus System is located northeast of the Sol System. A fairly well-traveled system, it has jumps to the Lesten, Gefjon, Nesre Primus, Naka, Tidbinbilla, and Rautherion Systems. The high trade traffic, unfortunately, makes it a pirate magnet, so there is normally at least a token Federation military presence, along with a fast-response battle group ready to scramble from Spacedock IV in Nesre Primus.

Notable space objects:

  • Fermia - an inhospitable mining planet
  • Boral I - a space station for mineral processing in Fermia's orbit


Notable space objects:


Jason Cook, one of the special ATMOS ships apears here quite regularly (RAVEN).

Notable space objects:


Home to two important worlds, and a junction for access to three other systems, Fomalhaut sees regular traffic. However, the only hostile vessels frequently spotted are marauders who target the valuable mineral and opal shipments from Gem.


A rocky and foreboding world, Gem none-the-less teems with life as its huge deposits of valuable minerals are mined. Worked by a large labor force from neighboring Snowmelt, its opals are perhaps the most important export of the entire region.


Second most populous planet of the Federation, Snowmelt is the largest consumer in the region, though they offer little in return for traders who include the planet on their route. However, as it is a short hop from Gem, where ships can load up for their exit from the system, this does not deter heavy incoming traffic to support the planet's needs.


Notable space objects:

Journey's EndEdit

The Journey's End system is ID# 187 in Nova Data 2. It is a backwater Federation system, with infrequent Federation patrols. It has one planet, Dunroamin, ID# 209 in Nova Data 2. The Planet Dunromain is the end destination of the tutorial mission string.


Notable space objects:


Notable space objects:


The Kerella System is a high-traffic star system to the west of the Sol System. Though nominally controlled by the Federation, the system is actually under the jurisdiction of the Wild Geese, as the only civilization in the system, Spacedock VI, is under their command.

The system also contains a hypergate that leads to the South Manchester, Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, and Moash Systems.

Due to its proximity to Auroran space, the system is subject to many incursions by Auroran battle groups. Thus far the Wild Geese have been able to repel all such attacks.

Notable space objects:

  • Spacedock VI - Federation spacedock operated and defended by the Wild Geese


A back corner of the region, the Kon system only hosts a single inhabited world with a limited population. However, that world's primary export--water--is in high demand in several spots across the galaxy, attracting traders from all corners. This demand is attested to by the now destroyed hypergate in the system.


Appropriately named, Tidal is an ocean world with only limited islands above the surface. It's salt-free ocean however provides a major source for the life-giving substance for the galaxy, and is the beating heart of the planet's economy. Growing aquaculture and tourism industries have begun to diversify the economy but still have not supplanted water export as the number one source of revenue.

Lalande 21185Edit

Lalande 21185 is a Federation star system located between Kerella and South Manchester. It contains one planet, Diva. This is a high-traffic system on a major jump route, with frequent incursions by Auroran raiders and pirates.

Notable space objects:


Murasaki is a quiet system in the Federation. It's only inhabited world, Skye, is a beautiful place where many live a good life, but with its hypergate remaining destroyed the system relies on a single jump path to Fomalhaut for access to the rest of the galaxy.


Skye is an idyllic world of beautiful sunsets and festive gatherings, perfectly placed in its quiet corner of the Federation. The starport would undoubtedly be much quieter however if it were not for the popular demand for Guinness Barrels which ensures a steady stream of freighters making their way to this backwater to supply it.

Nesre PrimusEdit

Notable space objects:

Nesre SecundusEdit

Notable space objects:

Outpost 819Edit

Notable space objects:

Porto RilliaEdit

Notable space objects:


Sanddown is a system in the Tau region of Federation space. It has two worlds, Kiniké and Kolan within it.

Sanddown is one of the Federation's many secluded systems, only accessible through a single hyperspace link. Sanddown's link is to Tau Ceti, and the system is only two jumps from Sol, but it is generally out of the way of most galactic traffic. It's own demands do require a regular flow of merchant traffic and this comes with a reasonable number of Federation Navy patrols to ensure safety against the occasional pirate incursion. Connecting with the hypergate system requires three standard jumps--first to Tau Ceti, then to Sol, and from there to Alphara, Kerella, Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, or Tichel where functioning gates are located.

Notable space objects:


Notable space objects:


Main article: Sol

Sol is for many the center of the universe. Not only is it the system of Earth, the birthplace of humanity, but it is the nexus of the galaxy's network of hyperspace links upon which so much of what constitutes interstellar commerce relies. It is also the capital of the Federation and the heart of their defenses.


Main article: Earth

Earth is the cradle of humanity and remains a centerpiece for the species. Site of one of the greatest man-made wonders, the Kane Band, Earth is the cultural, governmental, and economic heart of the Federation. Site of Sigma Shipyards and home to the Navy's largest defense fleet, Earth is key to the Federation's hold over its territories.


Main article: Europa

Europa is a small perfunctory military base from days past which the Federation still operates as a last posting for soldiers reaching retirement.


Main article: Mars

The tragic result of attempted terraforming in mankind's early days of space travel, Mars remains a minor port of call, as most of its residents are focused on repairing their planet more than their role in the Federation.

South ManchesterEdit

South Manchester is a star system at the western frontier of the Federation. It contains two planets, Cornwall and Goliath, and a hypergate that links to Kerella and VNP-001. South Manchester lies at the intersection of several hyperspace routes and sees a fair amount of traffic, including krypt pods and Auroran raiders.

Notable space objects:


An uninhabited system in the Fomalhaut region of Federation space, SPC-1927 does contain two worlds but no ports. One can land on UHP-0164, but not the gas giant it orbits.


One of many gas giants, 2063 can not be landed on and offers little to space travelers.


An uninhabited metallic moon which has yet to attract mining interests. One can land on the surface, but without services, it has little purpose.


Tichel is one of the major cross-roads of the Federation as well as a border system--a combination that has some rather exciting results. Incursions by the Auroran Empire are frequent, and the heavy merchant traffic attracts pirate activity as well. The only inhabited planet, Viking, is a major mining center for the Federation Navy, and Spacedock II orbits the planet.


Main article: Viking

A major contributor of ore and other raw materials, Viking has long lost its pretty look to the pollution and sprawl of its successful mining operations. It is also rumored that the dark planet is host to certain pirate operations, right under the nose of the Federation Navy.


The Tuatha system, located in southwestern Federation space, contains the planet New Ireland, the headquarters of the Wild Geese mercenary group. The Aurorans frequently launch raids on this system, but are usually repulsed. Eamon Flannigan's ship can often be found here.

Notable space objects:

  • New Ireland - a lush, green planet, home of the Wild Geese

Wolf 359Edit

Main article: Wolf 359

A corner of Federation space connected only to Sol, Wolf's sole planet is New England, a beautiful world which attracts many Federation retirees. Additionally, it is home to Federal agencies seeking a base away from the glare of Sol, including the infamous Bureau.

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