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Featured ship

Federation Carrier

The biggest war machine in Federation space, the Federation Carrier houses squadrons of fighters and can hold its own without its formidable escort. Capable of long-range tactical power projection, the E-60 is effectively a mobile base, and is often used by admirals and commodores as a safe vantage point to gauge the ebb and flow of space battles. It mounts Heavy Blaster Turrets along its top flight deck.

Read more: Federation Carrier.

Featured weapon

Wierd FPCB

The Fusion Pulse Battery, or FPB, is a powerful weapon created to fill the gap between the Fusion Pulse Turret and Fusion Pulse Cannon. The weapon fires from a 90 degree front arc. Like other Fusion Pulse weaponry, the shots decay over time due to their instability.

Read more: Fusion Pulse Battery.

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