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Mars surface

The surface of Mars remains toxic as a result of a terraforming mistake.

Mars is a planet in the Sol system. Located to the northeast of Earth it has a full spaceport but does not engage in trading. Mars is located to the northeast of Earth, just far enough from the system center to allow direct entry into a hyperspace jump.

Description Edit

The red planet has been a source of fascination for humanity since the early days when man was still unable to leave his home planet of Earth. Exciting discoveries further emphasized the potential Mars held for humans as they began to explore space. It was only natural that Mars would be the target of an eager attempt to begin terraforming. Unfortunately, such haste resulted in exposing the planet to a process that was far from perfected and the end result was the proliferation of a species of algae which produced toxic gases. Despite millenniums worth of attempts to fix the problem, it remains staunchly entrenched upon the red planet, preventing wide scale habitation of the planet.

Nonetheless, significant colonization has occurred, albeit within the safe confines of environmental seals. Much of the effort is directed toward the constant search for a cure to the planet's ailment, but Mars does serve a secondary role servicing ships transiting the area. While the Kane Band ensures Earth has the capacity to service all comers, the traffic around the planet can be quite thick at times, and for those not conducting business at Earth, Mars can prove a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle.

Port services Edit

Fewer ports can offer a longer history than Mars, and despite the planet's seemingly cursed situation, the locals are hospitable and eager to share their history with travelers. A comfortable range of bars and lodging is available, as well as connection to the Federation's mission BBS.

Shipyards Edit

A small ship trade has existed on Mars for many centuries, though the selection is geared toward local needs, primarily consisting of shuttles and mining ships. New vessels are built in the Kane Band on Earth, and for anything more 'exotic', buyers are encouraged to travel there for greater selection.

Outfitters Edit

As with the shipyards, Mars hosts a small group of outfitters which cater to those with simple needs they can't be bothered to visit Earth to fulfill. Selection is very limited, but even light weapons can be found on Mars at times.

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