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Matrix Steel

Matrix Steel
is a bulky, unsightly, crudely effective form of armor for starships; in other words, a typical Auroran solution. Instead of puttering around with high-tech fibers or exotic shield enhancers, the Aurorans prefer to bolt what is essentially a suit of plate-mail onto their ships. Though it is guaranteed to ruin the flowing lines of any attractive spacecraft, it performs the basic function of making your ship tougher to destroy. As always, the Aurorans are happy to sell it to anyone with sufficient credits and access to one of their outfitters.
Matrix Steel provides 150 extra units of armor per layer. The cost of installation and the amount of mass it takes up is proportionate to the size of your ship. For example, a single layer for a small ship such as a Shuttle may be found for as little as 15,000 credits and occupy only 3 tons of space, while a layer for a capital ship may cost millions of credits and require hundreds of tons of space.

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