Merrynne is a secluded system in the Tau region of Federation space. Its solitary inhabited world, Hargen, is a young planet but offers promise for both agricultural and mineral exploitation.

System Edit

The Merrynne system is only accessible by standard hyperspace jump from Tau Ceti. It has no hypergate or wormhole access. Access to the hypergate system can only be achieved first by standard jumps through Tau Ceti and Sol to one of five neighbors of Sol (Alphara, Kerella, Nesre Primus, Nesre Secundus, or Tichel). This seclusion from most of the galaxy's traffic means that space around Hargen is relatively clear. The Federation Navy regularly sends patrols, and pirate raids are not unknown, but generally the light merchant traffic is all one will likely encounter while in the Merrynne system. Hazards are minimal as well, with only a sparse asteroid field of note.

Hargen Edit

Hargen surface

Despite extreme volcanic activity, life thrives on Hargen.

The only planet of note in the Merrynne system is Hargen. This planet is still quite tectonically active, as the planet is quite young. This activity brings rich sources of minerals to the surface where they can be mined quite cost-effectively. The soil is extremely rich as most of it is well steeped with minerals, and extensive vegetation covers much of the world. Many of the more exotic plants are of great value to medical companies who have discovered all manner of uses for them in treating ailments.

Port services Edit

A busy world due to its growing value and variety of resources, Hargen's spaceport is busy. The clean and well maintained facilities cater to the variety of travelers who make their way through the port. Local businesses have found great profit in offering several drinks and foods derived from the exotic plant life of the planet and a trip to the bar here can be an adventure for the palate. A modern and well equipped communications center offers captains rapid access to the Federation's mission BBS, information on current market conditions in the planet's main Trade Center, and quick access to the local outfitters to order, schedule, and check progress of ship modifications.

Trade Center Edit

Hargen hosts a busy and broad Trade Center. The largest sections are those trading metals and medical cargoes, but there is also a strong demand for equipment as more and more facilities are built on this growing world. Hargen's unique bio-compounds clearly attract customers from far and wide.

New England Trade Center markets
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Medical Supplies (750 cr)
Metal (200 cr)
Exotic Bio-Compounds (560 cr)
Industrial (350 cr) Equipment (687 cr)
Trade links from New England
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
112.3 Kinike (Sanddown) 2 Medical Supplies 337
50.0 Kolan (Sanddown) 2 Medical Supplies 150
37.5 New England (Wolf 359) 3 Medical Supplies 150
25.0 Tidal (Kon) 5 Medical Supplies 150
13.3 Earth (Sol) 2 Metal 40
13.3 Europa (Sol) 2 Metal 40
Major trade links to New England
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
44.3 Viking (Tichel) 3 Equipment 137
27.4 Snowmelt (Fomalhaut) 4 Equipment 137
22.7 Skye (Murasaki) 5 Equipment 137
22.7 Tidal (Kon) 5 Equipment 137

Outfitter Edit

Hargen has yet to attract investment to complete a shipyard, but smaller outfitters have begun to operate as traffic to the planet increases. Thus far offerings are not very broad, but entrepreneurs occasionally have shady items available as they seek to get into this growing market. Standard Federation civilian outfits can be found without much trouble, though weaponry can be more difficult to track down.

Notes Edit

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