Any discussion of Nova gameplay must begin with the mission, which is a single task usually involving travel to one or two star systems with a specific objective. This task varies widely, but often involves pickup or delivery of specific cargo or passengers, usually on a deadline and facing the threat of interference by hostile parties. Missions are generally (but not always) part of a larger storyline called a mission string, which is a sequence of linked missions orchestrated by one of the larger entities in the galaxy, such as a government or a corporation.


If you have any gameplay tips, hints, or background information relevant to this topic, please post them here.

Missions are the heart of Nova, so much so that it is nearly pointless to ask about a player's progress in a Nova game without using some variant of the phrase, "What mission are you on?" If you are not on a mission at the moment, it's usually because you're trying to find or prepare for the next one. (And, yes, wandering around looking for things to blow up is a mission, too.)

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