Family Moash is the First Family of the Auroran Empire. It has been known to use its power as First Family to further its own goals. As such, none of the other houses are very friendly with it, and will attack Moash ships on sight. Moash's insignia is a clenched fist.

The Moash System Edit

The Moash are headquartered on the planet Moash in the system of same name. This system also contains a hypergate that leads to the Heraan, Vella, and Nesre Secundus Systems.

The planet Moash is, like the other major Auroran worlds, extremely overpopulated (over 200 billion people) and polluted.

Notes Edit

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In the Federation and Vell-os strings, the Moash work as a plant for the Bureau and are the only survivors of a purge that decimated the other Family capital worlds.

Though they start the game as First Family, House Heraan eventually displaces them in the Auroran mission string.