The Monty Python Maneuver is a strategy often used while being pursued by enemy ships. To perform this maneuver, the pilot must be in a ship that has inertia; the maneuver involves the pilot flying away from the enemy ships, turning around without changing flight direction, and firing at the enemy ships with long-range weaponry.

When using the Monty Python Maneuver, it is most useful to have a faster ship than the pursuers or a lead on them. It is also helpful to have long-range weapons such as railguns and Fusion Pulse Cannons.

Some players believe that the Monty Python Maneuver is unethical, due to the short-mindedness of the AI in adapting to it; AI ships will most likely fly directly into the player's line of fire when pursuing. Despite these reservations, the Monty Python Maneuver is one of the most oft-used tactics because of its ability to be adapted to nearly any situation, including Planetary Domination and running blockades, often used in sync with the Not the Nine O'clock News Maneuver.

The name of the Monty Python Maneuver is derived from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, specifically the line "Run away!"

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