"I have already downloaded a copy, our technology is better than yours."

- Mu'Randa to Rebel officials about a library of the Bureau's crimes.

Mu'Randa is the leader of the Mu'hari caste of the Polaris which is the "Caste-less Caste of the Polaris". Mu'Randa is the most important Polaris character of the game. You can find her in Auroran space and she will ask you to ferry her around places including New Ireland and Goliath. One of her contacts or friends is on New-Ireland and will train you in some combat methods later in the storyline and is seemingly Auroran despite the Polaris hostilities towards the Aurorans. Mu'Randa wants to go to Goliath because of the Vell-os architecture. The player wonders at where the name "Mu'Randa" comes from and soon finds out after landing in the Kania spaceport and picking up the leader of the Polaris and two other Polaris. After entering Polaris space Mu'Randa reveals herself. She gives a few important missions of the Polaris storyline such as ferrying operatives to places such as New England, Earth, and Kania as well as giving you missions about defending Mjonir from Federation task forces. As well as making you goto Rebel II in the Koria system to discuss the Federation with several Rebel officials such as Donald Chick.

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