New England surface
New England
General Characteristics
System Wolf 359
Government Federation
Defense Fleet Fed Destroyers, Fed Carriers
Tribute 7,000
Weapon N/A
Port Services Shipyard, Outfitter, Trade Center, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

One of humanity's early expansions beyond its own solar system, New England has a strongly traditional culture. Fully developed, it offers all services one might require, but does so in a way that does not disturb the general beauty of the world. New England also benefits from its proximity to Earth and has become a major place for former military and government employees of the Federation to settle down. Naturally, their services are often called upon in times of need, and the planet is well populated by government agencies which tap into the human resources present.

The Bureau has made its home on New England, safely nestled amongst a population unlikely to challenge its authority. The organization gains greatly from its presence here, avoiding the prying eyes of traffic through the Federation's major centers, but close enough to control the course of events effectively. Ultimately, anyone who's life path involves the Bureau will more than likely include a few visits to New England on their path.

Port servicesEdit

As a long since established and developed world with close ties to the Federation homeland, New England is equipped to offer a full array of services.

Trade CenterEdit

At face value, New England would seem to be a great destination for trade due to the availability of commodities of all kinds. However, closer scrutiny reveals that New England has a poor choice of exports with its lowest priced commodities being no cheaper than average. To make matters worse, of the four moderately priced commodities (Food, Industrial, Medical Supplies, and Metal), all are available on Earth for the same price with the exception of Medical Supplies, which is sold for less. On the other hand, New England does offer a robust import economy, with great demand for Luxury Goods and Equipment, as well as Xtreem Rocket Boards for those traders eccentric enough to carry them.

Trade goods at Earth
Low cost Medium cost High cost
Food (75 cr)
Industrial (350 cr)
Medical Supplies (750)
Metal (200 cr)
Luxury Goods (1125)
Equipment (687)
Xtreem Rocket Boards (187 cr)
Trade links from New England
Cr/Ton/Day Destination Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
Trade links to New England
Cr/Ton/Day Origin Std. Jumps Commodity Profit
112.5 Europa (Sol) 1 Luxury Goods 225
75.0 Earth (Sol) 1 Medical Supplies 150
45.7 Viking (Tichel) 2 Equipment 137


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Wolf 359 is long-settled and does not border any frontier areas, yet it has a curiously high population of Federation military and suffers pirate raids more often than seems quite right.

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