The Not the Nine O'clock News Maneuver is a strategy for landing on blockaded planets. The pilot jumps in, then immediately flies away from the planet, defending him/herself against any fighters that can catch up. The blockade attempts to follow the player away from the planet, and the player quickly turns around and flies back to the planet, making a safe landing.

Another method is to keep flying away from the planet and not turn around; eventually the player will loop back around to the opposite edge of the system. The player can then use autopilot to point his/her ship at the planet and fly there while the enemy fleet tries to follow the player to the edge of the map.

The Not the Nine O'clock News Maneuver can incorporate, and is in fact occasionally confused with, the Monty Python Maneuver.


Animation of the Not the Nine O'clock News Maneuver. The player's flight path is represented by the green arrows; the enemy fleet's path by the red.

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