Our Spiel
General Characteristics
System S7evyn
Government ATMOS
Defense Fleet Polaris Scarabs, Polaris Arachnids, Polaris Ravens
Tribute 15,000
Weapon Polaron Massive Torpedo
Port Services Shipyard, Trade Center, Mission BBS, Spaceport Bar

Our Spiel is a bit of a bonus world, accessible only by completing one of the major six storylines or via plug-in. Aside from being accessible only once in a pilot's career and making references to the ATMOS team themselves, Our Spiel is notable as being the only planet in the entire game that sells the Kestrel for a lofty 50 million credits.


If you have any gameplay tips, hints, or background information relevant to this topic, please post them here.

If you dominate Our Spiel, do not land on it afterwards. Otherwise, upon taking off, you'll have four or more insanely powerful, insanely angry ATMOS pers ships waiting for you. Some players have had their pilot stuck permanently because they could not survive long enough to reach the wormhole.

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